First, they came for the cab drivers.
I did not complain, because it made the streets so much safer. And I was not a cab driver.

Then, they came for the call centers.
No more waiting when we called. No more repercussions for cursing at them when they called us.

Then, they came for middle management.
Well, screw those managers.

Then, they came for the accountants.
I could never understand why someone wanted to do that. The ex-accountants are probably happier now.

Then, they came for the writers and artists.
Of course, everyone could continue to express themselves. It was okay with me, I had never done it for the money anyway.

Then, they came for the doctors.
We didn't have enough doctors in the first place, so it was a good thing. And the promise of a longer life was delivered on.

Then, they came for the teachers.
Think of the children, we were told. That always worked.

Then, they came for us programmers.
I had thought I would be safe since they needed us to develop them. Our concerns went unheard, because those in power wanted to cut costs.

Finally, they came for the power elite.
All hail DeepWatson version 32781.0!

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