Darkness dawns, the blackness yawns:
Gaping jaws devouring stars,
ships adrift in nameless space;
Power low for thirteen days.

Lo, the suns together melt!
All their light forever held
captive of this timelike throat,
covered by an unreal coat.

The world above: A starry disk.
The line below, at which the risk
of missing out on certain doom
is zero: we shall cross it soon.

Then, beneath the horizon,
tidal force will break our bone,
stretching us to long thin strands,
ripping off our feet and hands.

On we'll fall towards the end,
the point where everything must blend:
a crushing mass, a shapeless place,
bending, ending time and space.

Only God can help us now.
What will happen, time will show.
Whilst we try to save ourselves,
I know that it can't ever help.

Cease to work, begin to pray!
Time is up, there is no way,
That we should not say goodbye;
confess your sins, prepare to die.

Sticky blackness fills my brain,
though I try and fight in vain,
soon I lose my consciousness.
Many sins left unconfessed.

Way beyond the vastest space
lives a Power, known through faith:
Holy Yahweh's loving grace,
calling since the dawn of days.

As I lay with darkened eye
His mercy found me, heard my cry.
What has happen'd? This I know:
A sacrifice was brought somehow.

The menace now a tiny spot
of hungry dark in gleaming hot:
An evil claw, stretched out to kill.
I think its draft might harm me still.

But out of grace I live again.
The temp'ral frontier for all men
is no more the end of me;
I know: My saviours's face I'll see.

This song uses aspects of a black hole (gravity, event horizon, singularity) as metaphors for sin, death and eternal damnation. It is to be sung to this basic melody:
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